Monthly Archives: October 2011

Perspective Matters

This past week I got very frustrated at a process at work. Initially I thought, surely this is broken. How could something this simple be architected this way. So I decided to understand and I dug deeper. After about 2 days of digging I found some dependencies that forced the very solution that I was complaining about. Had I been in the shoes of the creator, I would have been forced down the same path.

From the outside, problems can look trivial but inside, there is often far more at work.

As technologists we are ready to declare something stupid, silly, wrong at first glance and at times say, “I could do that better”. Behind any problem is a larger more hidden set of dependencies and problems. Problem is that often dependencies are invisible and the larger problems are hard to see unless you went though the hard lesson of actually building something under the same circumstance. It is easy to judge but solving real problems is often dramatically harder than it looks.

Perspective Matters.