Monthly Archives: October 2010

Opportunity and Thanks

I am headed to Barnes & Noble to work on the Nook and will be departing Adobe after MAX 2010. I am extremely excited about the opportunity to “redefine the book”, but that can wait for another day…

First I want to say thanks.

Adobe has been an amazing place to work. Over the past 4+ years I have travelled the globe, met with thousands of customers, helped many projects, and had the honor of working with great people both inside and outside of Adobe. Working with great people has made this role really rewarding and knowing that I helped make a difference has given me great satisfaction.

Thanks for the opportunity to move Flash forward.
Thanks for the generosity towards my family.
Thanks for the great times.
Thanks for all the fish.

See you at MAX 2010.



Highly Illogical

At Adobe MAX 2010, Leonard Nimoy will be joining us as Host for MAX Awards and Sneaks. Given his presence at Sneaks, the team is going all out. We have 10 amazing sneaks from Adobe research labs, Colin Moock is hosting Star Trek trivia with Megaphone between Awards and Sneaks, there are some fairly serious costumes in development, and it is sure to be a great time.

Make sure to register for MAX before it is too late.

Again, don’t miss MAX Sneaks!

Ted Out!🙂