Monthly Archives: June 2010

FITC San Francisco August 17-19 & "Multi-Social Multi-Screen"

The team over at FITC is hosting a San Francisco conference August 17-19 and I am very excited and honored to be speaking at the event. My session is titled “Multi-Social Multi-Screen” and will focus on the trials and tribulations of building a social photo sharing service end to end. The new and unreleased app/site/service supports sharing across social networks and has custom clients for several different phones and browsers. The matrix of making this work seamlessly was an eye opener for me and forced me to use many new technologies including HTML5, AIR on Android, PhoneGap, Google App Engine (python), and yes even some Objective-C. The session will be a fun exploration in building something new across a minefield of compatibility using Minimum Viable Product.

Make sure to register for FITC San Francisco, it should be a great event. See you there!