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Get Started Building AIR for Android Apps

Here is a sample Flash Builder 4 project that I use for starting AIR for Android app development. The FXP contains the current AIRGlobal.swc and AIRCore.swc libraries and the exported SWF file will run on AIR for Android without modification.

The application screen size is set to 480×800 (Nexus One) and will display at 250dpi. The DPI figure is especially useful for prototyping screens. I typically start with this PNG file in Fireworks and build up UI elements then move over to Flash Builder with a new ActionScript Project.


Fireworks Prototype UI (480×800@250dpi)
Flash Builder 4 Project FXP
NEW: Flash CS5 Pro Project

If you build something cool, feel free to email the SWF to me at I love seeing what folks are building and with GoogleIO right around the corner I might just draft you into the event preparation if you send over something cool.

Looking forward to seeing what you build!