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Bugs Fixed in FP10.1B3

Download and Test Flash Player 10.1 Beta 3. Special thanks to all the content owners, developers, and customers who logged bugs against Flash Player 10.1 Beta 2, you made a word of difference. Here are the bugs fixed in FP10.1B3:

+DisplayObjects with overlapping strokes sometimes disappears when redrawn
+[FP-3621] Removing and re-adding a Flash movie from the DOM using removeChild and
appendChild causes display issues in Internet Explorer
+[FP-2290] PerspectiveProjections have problems with click events
+3D Facebook game renders incorrectly in Beta 1 and Beta 2
+’Show Redraw Regions’ draws on the entire swf even though only a part of it is changing.
+Images render blank when scaled to specific sizes see example.

+The Settings dialog doesn’t correctly allow Local Storage requests.
+[FP-1050, FP-1358] Escalation – Active Directory is causing Local Shared Objects to fail when the
information is saved on a network location.
+Safari Only: File Reference upload test always results in a cancelled event.
+Time stamp doesn’t get properly set in the request using URLRequestHeader. does not return an error even it doesn’t have enough space to save the
file to download.
+[FP-1585] loaderInfo Event.COMPLETE not dispatched if wmode is “transparent” or “opaque”.
+[FP-2746] Multi-domain inter-VM LocalConnection failure

+[FP-3567] Firefox Crash/Hang when running music on
+[FP-3921] Flash Player 10.1 beta 2 crashes Internet Explorer 8 in 32bit mode on
+In Firefox, clicking quickly on the stop music / play music button before it has completed loading
the music, causes a crash
+[FP-3675] Windows energy saving does not work after viewing video in full-screen mode
+Support for the Broadcom BCM70015 (“FLEA”) hardware decoder support is not yet enabled.
+NetStream.Buffer.Full event is not fired correctly.
+On Broadcom graphics accelerators, NetStream.Step.Notify event doesn’t fire when seeking
backwards on video playback.
+Video loads slowly or crashes on Internet Explorer when using Nvidia graphics card.
+Systems with NVidia graphics processors crash on certain videos on
+Toggling between SD and HD on causes a crash on Broadcom Graphics
+Audio Stream stays open when playback is paused not allowing computers to be place to sleep
+Clicking on/off HQ or HD button on some of the Youtube and trailer videos causes
intermittent crash.
+On certain graphics cards, green artifacts appear when seeking in video.
+[FP-1399] Videos on do not play on Linux OSes.
+With hardware decoding, pause/play video buttons and seeking function intermittently.
+On Systems with XP and ATI Graphics cards, video can hang after a seek
+On systems with a Broadcom Graphics Accelerator, seeking on videos can result in
a crash.
+On the Mac PPC, Safari crashes when streaming a video from some web pages
+Audio sync issues when streaming FLV over RTMPE on systems with a Broadcom Graphics
+Some videos have their first few frames dropped on systems with a Broadcom Graphics
+Some videos crash intermittently on a Broadcom Graphcis Accelerator.
+[FP-3081] Some videos on never begin playing on Linux OSes videos play only on mouse move in Firefox browser in Vista 64-bit OS
+Video freezes sometimes when using multi-bit rate streaming in conjunction with hardware video
+Scaling of videos (fullscreen) causes blockiness or pixilation.
+Youtube video stalls after seek backwards.
+Calling close after calling seek without calling play first won’t actually close stream.
+Attaching and detaching Audio while publishing with record option leads to loss of data.
+Problem in playing only audio or only video after audio video h264 streaming in same subscriber.
+When AAC is published from FME, setting buffer from default or 0 to something else e.g. 1 causes
playback stop with buffer length growing.
+Play video then stop, remove from the display list, the CPU usage is about 2.5 – 3.8% higher then
before playing the video.
+Live mp3 playback loses audio after 20 min or so.
+[FP-220] Video stops playing if one right clicks in the browser, even if its in a different tab.
+Screen dimming while playing video in fullscreen mode.
+Audio playback worsens on Mac while switching browser tabs with certain videos.
+[FP-178] -Video.clear fails. Clears only 1 pixel when Video.smoothing = true.
+[FP-1936] win32 microphone deadlocks on unplug active USB microphone.

Text/Text Input:
+[FP-3742, FP-3186] Characters appearing twice when typing in a text input field
+Escaping and then unescaping 4 Japanese characters doesn’t unescape the last character.
+In multiline input text field, ‘End’ key does not work correctly. It moves caret to left of last character.
+[FP-3562] In certain situations ( only one text line displayed in fields with multiple lines.
+[FP-777] Truncation occurs on fonts using advanced anti-aliasing in TextField instances with the autoSize property set to true.
+High memory usage when using a longer string in TextLine.
+Text with tracking applied does not align to tab stops correctly.
+Tracking should not visible after the last character of tcy block.
+ElementFormat.trackingLeft and ElementFormat.trackingRight are incorrectly applied to
+Justify all lines with “Track Right” and “Track Left” leave an empty space after and before each
line respectively.
+Kinsoku Can’t-Begin-Line character and Can’t End-Line character. settings is ignored if a
character in front or after is tcy.
+FTE TextLine.textWidth exceeds the specified width causing horizontal scrolling problem for
Gumbo TextArea.
+[FP-836, FP-838] Player needs Unicode character input: Hindi, and Maltese characters with
accents do not show up properly.
+[FP-40, FP-501] Cannot enter Chinese characters MS IME or even the @ symbol on a German
keyboard in input field on Firefox when wmode is set.
+Arial Black is not being measured correctly when used with FTE and TCAL/TLE, etc
+[SDK-18311] Setting scrollRect or mask on a DisplayObject breaks sub-pixel font rendering.
+Soft hyphenations don’t appear in one-word text lines.
+SWF built to use CharacterRange and new InteractiveObject methods for IME and MSAA support
won’t run on Flash Player 10.0.22.
+[FP-1877] Can’t input Japanese characters in text field if wmode “opaque” or “transparent” is set
true except IE.
+[FP-40] International text entry broken in Linux reports in Flash Player 9.0.48 or higher.
+On Mac, a textInput event is fired after the users presses Command+Z. On other platforms, this
event is suppressed.
+TextLine using Bauhaus 93 font causes runtime exception.
+Double byte characters can’t be input in Firefox Mac.
+TextField variable performance issue.
+Key-in 80 2-byte Chinese characters with MS Pinyin IME 2003 , display as “?” on Windows XP
and Vista in terms.
+Event does not fire in ‘test movie’ in Flash
Professional when composing Chinese, even using MS Pinyin IME 3.0.
+Arabic vocalization diacritics Tashkil are not rendered correctly.
+TextInput is newly broken in IE8 when running flash content in any windowless mode.
+Pressing ALT deletes selected text from a TextInput when wmod=transparent.
+Ideographic Space AKA Full Size Double Byte Space is changed into “@” with IE7, Flash 10 and
+Cursor and selection behavior is incorrect around control spaces. (2273650)

+General stability and performance improvements
+[FP-383] ExternalInterface.objectID is not set
+Performance has decreased for the ByteArray and Vector objects.
+Settings UI does not respond to clicks. Firefox Only / PPC.
+[FP-3226] Flash objects have to be clicked once before interaction is possible using the mouse
+Clipboard keyboard shortcuts don’t function in Safari 3 and Safari 4.
+[FP-3354] Certain games at the Atari site can cause a crash
+[FP-3411] Performance of ByteArray and Vector classes dramatically lower than Flash Player 10.
Runtime error 1221 is thrown on every third loaded image
+Performance of describeType() has degraded.
+File Reference filtering does not work properly on Mac OS.
+[Bugzilla 539328] describeType(Interface) output changed in FP v10.1
+[Bugzilla 487938] On Windows, invoking a modal dialog during a JavaScript animation with SWF
content causes Firefox to crash
+[FP-792] Class registered with registerClassAlias is accessible through different application
+[FP-3238] defaultFileName is broken in OS X.
+Rollover events don’t work properly in Mac OS X and Firefox in certain circumstances
+AMF serialization doesn’t work correctly with multiple ApplicationDomains videos control toolbar does not respond properly to the mouse moves in IE browser
+On Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6, In the Google Chrome or Opera browsers, right-clicking to brings up
the context menu at the bottom left of the desktop.
+[Bugzilla 534857] Flash Player Beta 10.1 disables Crash-reporter (Breakpad) in Firefox on
+ActionScript object creation in 10.1 is more than 50% slower than it was in 10.0
+[FP-3526] On the Mac OS with Firefox, Flash Player playback pauses when bookmarks opened
+[FP-3530] Safari crashes or quit suddenly on the Mac when switching to next scenario during
play of
+[FP-3568] Some games fail to load (
in Internet Explorer.
+[FP-2118] FileReference.upload does not support files 0-bytes in size.
+Cannot do paste with keyboard shortcut (CMD+v) in Flash Player applications on Safari/Mac.
+Clipboard keyboard shortcuts don’t function in Safari3 and 4.
+Flash Player now offers scroll-wheel support in browsers that support Cocoa events, such as
Apple’s Safari 4 browser.
+flash.trace.Trace doesn’t return packages for methods in the classes which are internal.
+rollOut not received when a hovered descendant is removed from the display list.
+[FP-2563] Saving a SharedObject larger than 10MB always returns “SharedObject.Flush.Failed”
from Local Storage increase dialog.
+General webcam/microphone functionality not working.
+[FP-922] mouseX, mouseY value changes on external click in Mac plug-in.
+[FP-2009] CPU Utilization in an idle app is more than expected on Mac.
+Objects with negative origins fall out of the tab order.
+[FP-1034, FP-809] Flash Player can not save over files initially saved with a browser IE 7 on a clean Vista Home machine or Ultimate Vista with UAC enabled.
+Stage-placed SimpleButton references not defined in time for frame scripts
+[FP-1633] Full screen message is not localized in Czech.
+[FP-2630] Capabilities.os doesn’t return specific Windows 7 string, but just a generic “Windows”
string instead.
+[FP-2428] Buttons are null when navigating from frame to frame if a button contains a MovieClip.
+Pressing a key causes a Sprite to be pinned in memory.
+Page Down and Page Up keys do not trigger key events when testing with Safari.
+[FP-702] PrintJob page size incorrectly returns values that include non printable margins.
+[FP-1025] Player 10 detection failure after reboot, Vista.

+[FP-3765] Full screen mode doesn’t work in Chrome
+Firefox crashes when visiting Blackberry site while spoofing as IE
+In Chrome, Flash Player crash @ memcpy

Flash – An open interactive medium

Flash is an open interactive medium. In creative hands it can be used to build advertising, documents, video experiences, games, applications, art, music, graphs & charts, meetings, graphics, 3d content, and much much much much more. Flash was a success long before video arrived on the web and given open ended capability of the medium it will be around for a very very long time.

One problem with Flash is that as an open interactive medium, designers and developers can do anything with it and often do. There are no SWF approval police or terms of use for Flash content, it is the wild west of interactivity. This freedom has allowed Flash to create simultaneously both the best and worst user experiences on the web. Many users have a negative experience with web advertising but that doesn’t make de-facto medium, Flash, bad. Many developers push Flash to its technical limits and fail to optimize their content in regards to CPU and memory consumption. Developers are allowed to openly succeed or fail with Flash without restriction. Platforms should never limit creativity, they should enable it openly and this strikes at the core as to why Flash has succeeded for so long. Flash is truly an open interactive medium where anyone can succeed or fail.

Flash will never stop innovating both inside and outside of Adobe. The Flash ecosystem is one of the greatest in terms of creativity and technical ingenuity. Internally we are constantly shocked by what developers are trying to accomplish with the medium. Internally Adobe is focused on building a quality high performance platform to support the new and emerging use cases of Flash. Moving forward we will see amazing capabilities added to Flash that rival the last 10 years of innovation on Flash Platform.

We are days from seeing the full scope of the Flash Player 10.1 and there are lots of improvement in quality and performance we have never talked about. For the next few weeks I am going to be highlighting key improvements within Flash Player 10.1 with the help of the Flash Player team. There is a ton of amazing engineering to talk about and I am very excited about Flash Player 10.1 Beta 3 arriving this week.

Flash is an amazing medium and is truly limited only by the design creativity and developer quality applied to it.

Flash Forward!


UPDATE: “open” links related to Flash
SWF Specification – Make your own player to run SWF.
AMF3 Specification – Exchange serialized data with Flash Player.
Tamarin Virtual Machine – The vm in Flash Player is open source here.
Open at Adobe Video

A breath of fresh AIR: AIR on Android

Tonight Adobe announced AIR for Android at Mobile World Congress. The new AIR runtime allows any Flash/Flex developer to create standalone applications on Android. The runtime is very fast and is highly optimized for low cpu and low memory conditions on mobile devices. Given the explosion of Android devices, developers will be able to widely deploy AIR apps in late 2010.

Here are some screen shots of the apps running at the Adobe booth at Mobile World Congress. I would highly recommend trying some of these applications out at the show.

Special thanks to the Zephyr team and the external developers who build applications in partnership with Adobe for Mobile World Congress. You rock!🙂

It is going to be a very exciting year ahead.



Improve Flash 10.1 and AIR 2.0

Adobe engineering is headed into the final stretch of development of Flash Player 10.1 and AIR 2.0. We need community help to identify quality issues with your deployed and in-development content. While both Flash and AIR are tested extensively internally, every beta we receive valuable feedback from the Flash community and beyond.

Here is how you can get involved:

Download and install Flash Player 10.1 Beta 2 and AIR 2.0 Beta 2

Test the new beta runtimes with your content and applications.

Log bugs at Engineering teams use your bug reports to reproduce errors and improve the runtime quality.

As far as beta timelines, beta 3 releases are a few weeks away and release candidates are expected within 60 days. Your involvement and assistance during this critical development window is really important and will only improve Flash Player and AIR quality.

Please also help spread the word about the beta process via Twitter:
Improve Flash 10.1 & AIR 2.0 via Beta 2 READ & RT #Flash #AIR #QUALITY

Special thanks