Monthly Archives: November 2009

Demos & MAX at Adobe – A new role

Today I start a new role at Adobe focused on keynote demos and our annual conference, Adobe MAX. As a developer, I love building software and as an evangelist, I especially love highlighting the great work the community creates. Flash, as a platform, stands apart in that every day new experiences are released that shape the future of software. Over the past 5 years, Flash has moved far beyond its animation roots and now powers applications, video, ads, and gaming making both the public and private web a better experience.

My new role is focused on highlighting the work of our community, showcasing amazing uses of the Flash Platform inside and outside of the firewall, and building demos around new technology. We need to showcase great applications to move the ecosystem forward and when we have new technology to show we need to build demos in partnership with our ecosystem. In the weeks leading up to MAX 2009, I worked in partnership with Cynergy Systems,, EA ( to deliver great demos for MAX keynotes. I am looking forward to expanding this work out to Adobe’s ISVs, customers, and partners to both showcase amazing work and to highlight the road ahead.
I am also looking forward to another year of Adobe MAX. Although October 24-27, 2010 looks far away, work is already underway to make the event better. Having worked on MAX for 4 years in a row, things have come a very long way from the MAXUP in the hallway in Las Vegas and I know we can do better still. I look forward to working with everyone again making MAX 2010, the best one yet.
It is an exciting time for Flash and 2010 is looking to be one of the best years for the Flash Platform and the surrounding ecosystem. Feel free to contact me in regards to new applications and demos at I look forward to working with you.