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Learning Fx4 from Scratch – Update 2

Yesterday I completed 4 new pages with 10 Flex 4 samples in Learn Flex 4 from Scratch. Now is really the time to start learning Flex 4 given the stability of Flex 4 Beta 2 and the volume of great session content available post Adobe MAX.

Here are the new sections in Learn Flex 4 from Scratch:

Have I told you that I really love States! They are my favorite feature in Flex 4 (thus far) and really make building applications much easier. The syntax change for States really makes them easy to read and use in your application. Prior to Flex 4 you placed all state property changes in tag so they were remote from the components they affected. In Flex 4, state code is added directly to the components themselves with dot notation.
I could go on and on about States but best to let you ready it over at Learn Flex 4 from Scratch!
Also I would love some feedback. If you feel I have missed something, I have enabled comments on the Learn Flex 4 from Scratch site. So feel free to leave feedback.

SOURCE to 4 Flash iPhone Apps

Here is the source for 4 iPhone demo applications I made during the internal development of “Notus”, aka iPhone export. The projects are ASProject out of Flex Builder. The first thing you will notice is that there is nothing special here, just simple AS3 apps the are cross-compiled to IPA ( iPhone ARM Binaries ).

From these projects you can get started today building apps.

Circles – A simple 2.5D app

Circles GLES – Same app hardware accelerated using GLES

FlashWrap – Bubble wrap with random sounds! (In the Adobe Booth!)

FingerPaint – A simple drawing app (In the Adobe Booth!)

Special thanks from Matt Snow on the UI design in FingerPaint. Also special thanks to the folks at😄 for assets.

Have fun, share source, and rock the iPhone!

And yes this is why I haven’t been blogging for 3 months!