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From the team that brought you Buzzword comes Adobe’s new online presentation tool, Adobe Presentations onto labs. It is great to see this online and even better to know the engineering quality put into the app itself. It goes without saying that Buzzword really redefined document editing in browser and the same is true with Presentations. The presentations app has gone by codename “Boardroom” during its 2 year development and having watched this project from inception it is great to see a nice balance of features. Overall a presentation editor is a document editor and with Buzzword at its core Presentations is built on a solid foundation.

Try out a sample presentation

Congrats to the Presentations Team on their labs launch.

Next stop Excel!


June Adobe User Groups Tours

The evangelist team and user groups around the globe are poised for the month of June as we start one of the largest Adobe User Groups tours to date around Flex 4 and ColdFusion 9. We will be hitting 119 cities many in parallel throughout June talking about Flex 4 and ColdFusion upcoming releases.

Here is the tentative list of cities we are visiting with:

June 1, 2009:
St. Louis, MO, US
San Jose, CA, US
Santa Rosa, CA, US

June 2, 2009:
Poland, Cracow
Spokane, WA, US

June 3, 2009:
Ottawa, Ontario, CA
San Diego, CA, US
Oxford, UK
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Rockville, MD, US

June 4, 2009:
Harrisburg, PA, US
Pittsburgh, PA, US
Warsaw, Poland

June 5, 2009:
Yerevan, Armenia
Barcelona, Spain
Mexico City, MX

June 5, 2009:
Karachi, Pakistan

June 6, 2009
Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Vienna, Austria
Hong Kong, CN

June 7, 2009
Los Angeles, CA, US
Atlanta, GA, US

June 8, 2009
Washington, DC, US

June 9, 2009
Boston, MA, US
FlorianĂłpolis, Brazil

June 10, 2009
Bucharest, Romania
Buenos Aires, Argentina
New York, NY

June 11, 2009:
Minneapolis – St. Paul, MN, US
Dublin, Ireland

June 12, 2009
Bloomington, IN, US
Bahia Blanca, Argentina.

June 13, 2009:
Bangkok, Thailand

June 14, 2009:

June 15, 2009:
Seattle, WA, US
Las Vegas, NV, US
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Of Emirates
Taipei , Taiwan
Munich, Germany
San Diego, CA, USA

June 16, 2009
Raleigh, NC, US
Albany, NY, US
Hamburg, Germany
Munich, Germany
Omaha, NB, US
Sacramento, CA, US
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Birmingham, UK
Salem, OR, US
Fairfield, CT, US
Augusta, MA, US
Lafayette, LA, US
Dayton, OH, US
Albany, NY, US

June 17, 2009:
Toronto, Ontario, CA
Perth, Australia
Red Bank, NJ, US
Fortaleza, Brazil
Portsmouth, NH, US
Los Angeles, CA, US
Hartford, CT, US
Kansas City, KA, US
Orange County, CA, US
Melbourne, Australia
Stellenbosch, South Africa
Gent, Belgium
Cleveland, OH, US
CĂłrdoba, Argentina

June 18, 2009:
Torrance, CA, US
Bogota, Colombia
Nashville, TN, US
Rockford, IL, US
Toronto, Ontario, CA
Chicago, IL, US
Pittsburgh, PA, US
Pasadena, CA, US
East Lansing, MI, US
Madison, WI, US

June 19, 2009:
Los Angeles, CA, US
Nashville, TN, US
Tempe, AZ, US
Chennai, India
Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

June 20, 2009:

June 22, 2009
Sydney, Australia
Sofia , Bulgaria
Bloomington, IN, US
London, United Kingdom

June 23, 2009:
San Francisco, CA, US
Milagro, Ecuador
Boston, MA, US
Tel-Aviv, Israel
Boise, ID, US
Zagreb, Croatia
Salt Lake City, UT, US
San Antonio, TX, US

June 24, 2009
Houston, TX, US
Exeter, Devon, UK
Denver, CO, US
Istanbul, Turkey
Philadelphia, PA, US
Copenhagen, Denmark

June 25, 2009:
Phoenix, AZ, US
Pavia, Italy
Switzerland, Zurich
Tampa, FL, US
Austin, TX, US
Macon/Warner Robins, GA, US
Lisbon, Portugal

June 26, 2009:
Rochester, MN, US
Minsk, Belarus
Dallas, TX, US

June 27, 2009:
Columbia, SC, US

July 2, 2009:
Salvador, Brazil

July 13, 2009:
Rockville, MD, US

July 15, 2009:
Cairo, Egypt

June will be a very busy month, make sure to stop by and checkout the user group meetings in your area.



MAX 2009 Site Visit

On Tuesday 32 members of the MAX team visited Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC) and LA Live in preparation for MAX. The site visit is the first time we get the entire team together and we go through every detail of how to organize the physical event into the space. LA Live and LACC are at the center of a revitalization project in downtown Los Angeles. Over the past 3 years nearly all the surrounding buildings have been renovated and many new lots apartments have sprung up. The center sits in 4 parts, LACC (big convention center), Staples Arena (Where the LA Lakers play), Nokia Theater (concert hall), and LA Live (restaurants and entertainment venues). One thing that stood out this year is Nokia theater. It is easily the largest space we have ever done keynotes/awards/sneaks in and it should be a great venue.

We really have a great team working on MAX this year and combined with a great venue, MAX 2009 will be the best one yet.

See you at MAX 2009!