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Headed towards the finish line, Safari 4 takes the lead!

If you haven’t downloaded Safari 4 beta, it is easily the best browser for the Mac. I was using Firefox with Yslow + Firebug but the new Safari 4 development tools make this combo look less than ideal. You can debug JavaScript, profile JavaScript, see download times and file size with one click and the graphs are visually impressive. It makes it easy to explore the DOM and CSS on existing and sites in development.

Safari 4 Feature list

Safari 4, worth a download.



Adobe on Twitter

If you haven’t checked out Serge’s post on Adobe on Twitter there are about 2x more twitterers listed since he posted. Here is the list:


Here is the team I am on:

Developer relations
Ed Sullivan:
Rachel Luxemburg:
Ted Patrick:
John Dowdell:
Stacy Sison:

Great list Serge!



20% off at Adobe Store for NA User Group Members

The community team has gotten a single use discount for North American User Group members on the US online store. To use the discount you need to contact your user group manager for details and fill out this form on Here are the full details.

We are working hard to bring this discount to other User Groups worldwide in the near future.



Eclipse E4 M1 SWT: JAVA to AS3

The Eclipse E4 M1 milestone release has some interesting bits in it for Flash development. It seems that the SWT project has added compilation support for SWF from JAVA. Write your app in JAVA and publish as SWF to Flash Player.

The cool part is that you get full JAVA development in Eclipse with all debugging and tooling but you get a SWF file on publish.

It will be interesting to see where this goes especially given it is in Eclipse E4.

Here are some screenshots:

Last image looks like they are translating to AS3 and running MXMLC! Go Flex.



New Apps on Adobe Groups: Jobs, Calendar, Messaging

We have been busy building applications on Adobe Groups. Today we are launching three applications on Adobe Groups:

Calendar – A global calendar of community events
Jobs – A global job board
Messaging – Inbox on your profile and user to user messaging

The apps are very simple but are integrated seamlessly within the Adobe Groups site. If a job is posts to a User Group, it is surfaced in the Jobs app, if an event is posted it is ported in the Calendar app. The key is that all posts on Adobe Groups are tied to your online profile and thus everything you contribute is automatically credited to you.

We have several other applications in development for launch in the coming months:

Decks – Share your presentations on Groups.
Books – Share book titles on Adobe tools and technologies.
Showcase – Show off your latest designs and development projects on Groups.
Code – Share sample code, snippets, projects on Groups.
Video – Share videos on Groups

We really want to fill Adobe Groups with great community content. If you have ideas of apps and want to get involved please email me at Since Groups is managed online, it is easy to get community members involved to build custom applications and we are happy to share.

More to come!