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There is a beautiful property called mouseChildren that I had completely forgotten about. mouseChildren=false turns off all mouse events at a node in the DisplayList so that event on children only reach the actual object where mouseChildren is set to false. Essentially this allows you to enable certain graphics/objects to be invisible to the DOM Event phases and behave as part of the object they are parented to.

Why would this be important?

Say you are writing a game or component and you make these amazing skins for all the elements in the game. If you do not set mouseChildren to false (default is true), you will get events within the skin and need to detect what Object you are working with when events occur. You will see code start to appear that reads:

//within event handler
if( is Card ) do this…
//then the madness begins as you hunt up the DisplayList for the object in question blah blah blah

By setting mouseChildren to false, events on any mouseChildren are given to the parent automagically.

ok back to coding…


MAX SESSIONS on AdobeTV – Update and MRSS Feeds

We had a bumpy launch of the MAX sessions on AdobeTV. It seems that we have 10 videos with malformed headers that caused all sorts of problems in the Akamai streaming service. We have fixed the headers in the FLV files, uploaded new FLVs, and everything is working perfectly. In addition we have added MRSS feeds for use with Adobe Media Player for each track of the MAX conference. This way you can sit back and let the videos come to you!




These feeds provide direct access to the FLV files themselves so you can watch the vidoes offline 100% vs online viewing with high quality streaming on AdobeTV.

We will be pushing out a schedule of the upcoming videos given we are past our technical issues with posting the videos. Again sorry for the delay!

Special thanks to the teams on AdobeTV, Akamai, and Digitally Speaking for working through this initial issues. Getting 300+ hours of video posted is a big task and they have done an amazing job!

Spread the word, MAX Sessions are on AdobeTV without restriction!


ILOG Elixir at MAX

I watched the ILOG Elixir session at MAX this morning on AdobeTV. It is really great to see how far ILOG has come with their component set. I met the ILOG team at the Component Developer Summit in 2006 and they were just exploring Flex as a medium for their state of the art components. They have spend the past few years bringing their knowledge to the Flex component developer community and their work really stands out. Make sure to check out the heatmap component at 35:00 minutes into the presentation.

It was really great to support ILOG at MAX and event better to get to watch their session online this morning. The downside of working on MAX is that it is really hard to attend the sessions. This is actually the first session I have gotten to attend at MAX NA other than the keynotes. It is my deepest hope that putting MAX online will help developers around the world build better applications and experiences.



Adobe MAX Session Videos

We are planning to release session videos from MAX NA on Dec 10 with 4 videos posted per day to AdobeTV. We will be posting videos across all 3 tracks evenly and will post the keynotes initially as well. We will be posting videos until all 293 videos are on AdobeTV, about 10 weeks total. Anyone interested in the MAX session content will be able to view the videos in full on AdobeTV, regardless of geo-location for free.

For MAX attendees we are posting the videos to Adobe Groups for exclusive viewing within the 2008 MAX NA Group and the 2008 MAX Europe Group. Group invitations are being sent to all attendees by email, please watch for communication this week.

Sorry about the delay on getting the videos ready. They will be posted soon.