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MXNA Upgrade: In Progress ( New Hardware and CF8 )

I am sure most are aware of the downtime on MXNA this week. Since 2008 began, we have been seeing ever increasing downtime on the site as the demand on the server has skyrocketed. This week the server was taken offline and is being replaced by a pair of servers and upgraded to ColdFusion 8. The new server software Apache/CF/MYSQL is being configured as I write this and it should hopefully be up and running early next week if not sooner.

For me MNXA is such a vital source of information. It’s downtime has been very frustrating as I really enjoy seeing what the developer community is up to.

Hopefully with the new servers and software, MXNA downtime will be a thing of the past!



Adobe MAX 2008: Lab Computer Survey

Make sure to get your input in about the Labs (was Hands-On) computer survey below for MAX 2008. The MAX team is scaling up the Labs at MAX as we are seeing a growing demand for training and want MAX to meet customer needs. We decided to effectively double the number of Labs at MAX since they are almost always sold out and computers are often limited. We have dedicating conference space at San Francisco Marriott 100% to Labs, 11 rooms with over 40K square feet. There are 3 Mega-Labs at MAX that hold 500 people each and 8 Labs that hold 100 people. Compare that with 8 training rooms holding 50 people each last year!

This change also simplifies the Sessions at MAX as they will all be located at Moscone West just a block away. Logistically this simplifies how MAX is organized from the ground up.

I will be covering the changed for Sessions and Camps in a later post. MAX is changing for the better based directly on the feedback from last year. It will be the best yet!



DARE 1.0 BETA (MAC) – The Adobe AIR Development Web Server

At the onAIR tour I have been talking to many HTML/JS developers and one thing struck me as odd. HTML/JS developers do not compile and in many cases the ADL/ADT command line tools are very alien to them. With HTML/JS/AJAX development you simply hit refresh to test your creation but with Adobe AIR you must run ADL or ADT. I think this eliminates a ton of HTML/JS developers from being really effective with Adobe AIR and thus during the onAIR tour I have been writing a server called DARE.

What is DARE?

DARE is a local http server that makes it easy to create, test, and package AIR applications. It allows you to develop and test using your HTML/JS tools of choice and just a web browser. You can even use the “Refresh” button to test and package your application.


There are tons of HTML/JS/AJAX developers that never use the command line. DARE lowers the barrier to using Adobe AIR effectively.

+ Developer + AIR = DARE🙂
+ Sounds like AIR is in the name but isn’t.🙂


2. COPY the DARE Folder into Applications
3. Run DARE (a browser will pop-up )

Before DARE can run or package AIR applications you need to copy the AIR SDK into DARE. Directions are shown when DARE starts up.

I will be releasing the Windows version of DARE soon but wanted to get those on MAC up and running first. I will also be fixing some known issues and making things much more stable. I am also going to see about licensing the AIR SDK so that configuring DARE is much easier.


Please email me feedback or bugs on DARE here.

Special thanks to and Dirceu Veiga for the killer dinosaur icon for DARE.