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OSX – "Open With" and "Always Open With"

As with many developers switching to the MAC there are lots of shortcuts to learn. The most important I have found recently is “Open With” and “Always Open With”. If you right click on any file in OSX you get a menu that looks like this:

While this menu is displayed hold down “Option” and it switches to this:

This makes it easy to switch the default application for a particular file.



Using Flex Builder for Flash CS3 Code Editing

Well this morning I jumped back into Flash CS3. I was pretty shocked about the lack of code hinting for custom ActionScript 3 libraries, I am addicted to Flex Builder now. Also I was confronted by the seeming lack of support for using Flex Builder for ActionScript 3 Flash CS3 editing. It looks like you can use virtual files and folders to fix this problem. Here is how to do it:

1. Open Flex Builder 3 (Beta 1)
2. Create a new ActionScript Project, any project name will do!
3. Delete the generated ActionScript base class (Here is where things get virtual).
4. File > New > File or File > New > Folder
5. Select Advanced on the Dialog, Check “Link to file in the file system”
6. Select Browse and select your “Document Class” AS3 class file.
7. Press “Finish”

If you map all your dependent libraries into this project virtually, you will get code hinting for custom classes in Flex Builder for a Flash CS3 Project. The key is to use the ActionScript project to map to all the files and folders you need, including the class paths within your Flash CS3 application. Assuming everything is there, you will get code hinting for all custom classes, properties, and events.

With projects in Flex Builder (Eclipse), it doesn’t matter where the files are located. Use virtual files and folders to bring files located all over together in one project. This will simplify development and allow you to organize projects easily regardless if the project is Flex, AS3, or Flash CS3.

I am using this for PV3D development and having code hinting for all these custom classes is invaluable. Shoot even organize imports and refactoring works!



PaperVision3D Training with John Grden

This morning at 7AM PST, I dialed into a 2 hour conference call with John Grden. We opened a Connect session where John shared his screen and I began learning PaperVision3D. The training was for a top secret Adobe MAX project and John’s help was really invaluable. The training allowed me to quickly get up to speed specifically for the project at hand.

John went through the demo he had created and we explored the project in exhaustive detail, line by line, class by class. I have to say I was nothing less than impressed with John and his technically ability. He answered by questions and communicated PV3D inside out all while answering my (sometimes absurd) questions. I am very impressed with PV3D and how easy it is to add real 3D into Flash Player using AS3. It is amazing what you can create in just a few lines of code once you understand how it works.

To thank John I donated towards his new MacBook Pro and am sending him a copy of Master Collection to install on his shiny new MAC. John is a real leader in the Flash/Flex community and his work stands on its own. From Red5 to PV3D to XRAY and the countless other projects, John you have added allot of value to Flash.

This clearly is deserving of a 5 rock on rating:
RockOn Rating: RockOn voteRockOn voteRockOn voteRockOn voteRockOn vote

John hats off to you!



AS3 Integration into Yahoo Mail

The Yahoo Mail team has fully integrated instant messaging into the new Yahoo Mail. What is cool for me is that this application is powered by Flash Player at the protocol level with YIM. The Yahoo Web Messenger team used Flex and ActionScript 3 to integrate with Yahoo Instant Messaging protocol using The addition to Yahoo Mail launched today leverages this same codebase allowing an AJAX application to directly integrate with YIM’s backend. Instead of polling for new messages, the full protocol of YIM is exposed as events to the AJAX UI of Yahoo Mail.

It is great to see another great application integrate with Flash Player 9 and ActionScript 3.



MAX 2007 Chicago Conference Bag Testing

I go to many of conferences and have many conference bags to show for it. As with MAX, this years MAX bag is different and the team made sure the bag selected was reusable and of the highest quality. 4 weeks ago I received a demo of the bag and decided to give it a real world test by using it daily. For the last 4 weeks I have been using the MAX bag as my daily laptop bag for all work and travel.

Here is my testing report:

Comfortable shoulder strap
Makes long Airport security lines seem smaller. This bag has a softer strap and nice shoulder padding making it easier to travel with.

Padded Laptop Compartment
AJ, Design Lead on MAX team, literally threw my fully loaded MAX bag onto the floor for testing while on site in Chicago. Nothing broke including my Macbook pro, iphone, blackberry, camera. His test was unexpected and I was angry that he threw it but it proved that the bag provided the protection for some very important items. It holds a MacBook Pro 15″ perfectly and holds a MacBook Pro 17″ in the main pocket.

Zippered cord pockets

This is the first bag with a dedicated area for cords and sleeves. The pocket is right behind the back padding. The MAC power adapter is a bit big for back here but fits in one of the front pockets perfectly.

Inner pocket for phone

This pocket fits a iPhone perfectly and provides a scratch resistant area. This area also includes holders for pens and clear pocket with zipper.

Inner zippered pocket for documents

I use this pocket for expenses and to hold my passport. It also contains a clip and tether for keys. Simply clip you keys onto it and do not loose them on a trip.

Slim design

The bag design is a bit slimmer than a Timbuk2 messenger bag and I keep finding the smaller size makes it a much more functional bag. I have been threw 4 airports with the bag and find it very handy for travel.

In my real world tests of the bag, it is perfect for real world use. I abused the bag to see how it held up and it is working like new with 4 weeks of hard use. When I tell people this is the MAX 2007 bag everyone has looked shocked. It is a really nice bag that I hope will go to great use within the greater Adobe community.

Adobe MAX 2007. Connect. Discover. Inspire.