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2,355,270,000 Flash Player 9 Installs at Midnight 07/29/2007

I spoke with Emmy Huang, product manager for Adobe Flash Player this morning. She pulled up the Flash Player Dashboard and gave me the exact Player 9 installs as of midnight 07/29/2007, 2,355,270,000 successful installs. I have recalibrated the counter since the counter was off by 15 million installs.

The install stats come from Akamai and are rounded to the million. The player install numbers are not part of any formal published statistics by Adobe. They are very real, but we do not have 3rd party verification other than with Akamai and Adobe.

var so2 = new SWFObject(“/FP9Counter/FP9Counter.swf”, “fp002”, “210”, “70”, “9”, “#000000”);so2.write(“sampleflashcounter2”);

DOWNLOAD FP9Counter ASProject Source

I will check in with Emmy from time to time and update the counter monthly to make sure it is accurate. The trending for the installation rate is that it is slowly increasing over time, thus the counter will always tend to be lower than the actual download numbers.

This scale of installations really drive home the fact that download size still really matters. The smaller the player, the faster the runtime is deployed. Considering that the Adobe Flash Player is the most distributed piece of software in the history of software (and the universe for that matter), keeping it small and efficient is very important.

Small is beautiful! Go Flash Player Go!



Flex Directory – 150 Consulting Firms

Today I updated the Flex directory and the listing has crossed 150 Consulting Firms providing solutions using Adobe Flex worldwide. Every time I post about the directory I see a flood of new listing and a huge spike in traffic. The exit traffic from the site has been growing steadily. All this from an XML document!

Flex Directory

To celebrate, I will add a large Flex logo.🙂

More to come!



MAX 2007 "Inspire" Session – Use the Force: Star Wars and Papervision3D by John Grden

Papervision3D’s entry into the toolset of Flash/Flex developers has been nothing short of impressive. The toolset continues to gain momentium and adoption in bringing a true 3D renderer into Flash Player 9 using ActionScript 3. John Grden has been pushing Papervision3d farther than most and recently has been working on a NEW project using Papervision3D in the Star Wars genre.

John thanks for helping us change MAX 2007!
Adobe MAX 2007. Connect. Discover. Inspire.

May the Force Be With You!


Flash Player 9 Install counter

I put together this Flash Player 9 Counter together using AS3 ActionScript Project in Flex2 that estimates the number of Flash Player 9 installations. I wanted to post the methodology and the source to be as open and transparent as possible. It was fun diving in and writing this widget in AS3 using ASProject. The output SWF file is 1360 Bytes.

var so1 = new SWFObject(“/FP9Counter/FP9Counter.swf”, “fp001”, “210”, “70”, “9”, “#000000”);so1.write(“sampleflashcounter”);


1. Establish a rate for Flash Player 9 installations per millisecond.
2. Determine milliseconds since Flash Player 9 was released.
3. Update the value every 500 milliseconds

I will calibrate this counter this week against the exact dates and values but I am currently estimating that 2.32B Installs occurred the day of FlexCamp but it was most likely earlier. I will get this clear in a later post.

DOWNLOAD FP9Counter ASProject Source

Sure am glad 2.3+B Players can run this application.



FlexCamp and Flex 101 today!

The stage is set, the Flex mugs and kegs are ready, along with 400 free copies of Flex Builder. Yup, today is FlexCamp in San Francisco, too bad we are SOLD OUT! I will be teaching Flex 101 starting at 4PM today and will be covering the basics of Flex and answering questions. Ideally anyone at Flex 101 will walk away with a good perspective on how to think about Flex development and know all the core elements. Believe it or not but Flex is pretty easy to learn but with all things new, it takes time.

I look forward to seeing you at FlexCamp!