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Yahoo Open Hack – BBAuth meets Flex by Me

When hack day started I was planning to write a Flex UI for Yahoo’s new Mail API’s. I got as far as the lack of a crossdomain.xml file but in the 2 hours I got BBAuth integrated with Flex. BBAuth is Yahoo’s new authentication system for 3rd party site access to Yahoo APIS. The process is very Identity 2.0 and involves using Yahoo’s login as an open identity system. It was pretty easy to get working with Flex and States.

Start Screen – Login State

User Credentials in Flex – MailView State

Feel free to try it out!

In this app, the user is logged in at Yahoo and the user returns with all the credentials for accessing their Mail. As soon as I get a crossdomain.xml file added to the Mail APIs I will get the mail client working.



Yahoo Open Hack Day with Beck??

I am in a session on YMaps now and Chuck Freedman is speaking. The team has launched a polyAPI with Maps and I just got access to the new Yahoo Mail API. I am going to build a Yahoo Mail desktop in Apollo. Hopefully I can locate that mysterious AS3 Yahoo maps codeline, we will see.

When Mike and I arrived on Yahoo campus we passed the audio booth with Beck stickers on the hardware. I would guess that Yahoo campus will be hosting a Beck concert later this evening. As a big Beck fan it looks like I am staying here way into the night.

Code all day, listen to Beck this evening. Yahoo has my vote!

More to come!


SVN client with in ActionScript 3

Beau Amber at showed me a project his team is working on last week. They have written a Subversion (SVN) Client in ActionScript 3 using The application running on Flash Player 9 can read and write head revisions directly into an Subversion repository using the native SVN protocol. The project is part of Beau’s super secret project called FlapJacks which he showed at Flash Forward in Austin.

Flash Player 9 supports a Binary Socket in the class and is able to connect directly to any native TCP/IP port provided the server allows this via a crossdomain.xml policy file.

Actually I am working on a MYSQL driver for Apollo using so that without middle-wear Apollo can talk directly to a DataBase.



Wait there is DHTML in AJAX?

Dave Wolf of Cynergy Systems has a great read on AJAX and RIA. Dave contends that most decision makers do not fully realize that AJAX is DHTML reinvented. It is an interesting read.

Living in Denial with AJAX by Dave Wolf

FYI, Dave Wolf was on the Microsoft BizTalk Server 1.0 team and on the dev team at PowerBuilder/Sybase before that. He knows enterprise software inside out.



Yahoo Open Hack Day!!

I am headed to Yahoo Hack Day at Yahoo’s Mountain View Campus. Mike Chambers and myself will bring Flex and Apollo with us. Come find us at Hack Day and introduce yourself. We will be making Apollo/Flex mashups with Yahoo APIs all day and night.

See you at Yahoo Open Hack Day!

Once Mike and I find a place to code, I will post our local on campus.