Monthly Archives: February 2006

Command Line Intelligence

I have been working with ANT, Java, and Flex more and more. The result is that I have become ever more dependent on the command line. One of the engineers at Cynergy showed me a trick he learned while working on the Biztalk server team at Microsoft. Write this down, its a jewel!

In XP, Microsoft added Intellisense into the command line via the TAB key. When you are typing path names, you only need to type the first few characters, then hit the TAB key to walk through the available path names. When you press TAB, a valid path is magically typed for you.

Here is a little experiment:

1. run “cmd”

C:\Documents and Settings\Theodore Patrick>

2. type: “cd \prog” and press TAB

C:\cd “Program Files”

3. Press Enter

C:\Program Files>

4. type: “cd Macr” and press TAB

C:\cd “Program Files>cd Macromedia”

5. Press Enter

C:\cd “Program Files\Macromedia”

6. type: “cd Flex” and press TAB

C:\cd “Program Files\Macromedia>cd “Flex Builder 1.5”

7. Press TAB

C:\cd “Program Files\Macromedia>cd “Flex Builder 2.0 Alpha 1”

8. Press TAB

C:\cd “Program Files\Macromedia>cd “Flex Builder 2.0 Beta 1”

9. Press SHIFT + TAB

C:\cd “Program Files\Macromedia>cd “Flex Builder 2.0 Alpha 1”

This little trick has saved me a ton of time on the command line. Just get in the habit of pressing TAB periodically and walking the file system with the command line will go faster and faster.




Moving to DC, USA

Within one day of posting about moving to San Diego, gravity kicked in and is pulling me East. Cynergy Systems is building a large world class Flex team in DC and the idea of working with a team of great developers is just too tempting. Plus with good friends in DC, this decision was easy.

The AS3/AVM2 dinner conferences will resume shortly!🙂



Hacking Flavia

I love good coffee and I have been working near a Flavia machine lately. In an attempt to get the most out of the Flavia machine, I began experimenting to get that ideal cup of coffee. Here is my attempt at hacking Flavia to get the best cup:

“Single Double”

1. Obtain 2 Packets of “House Blend” and 1 coffee cup.
2. Press “Other” on the Flavia main menu.
3. Press “Expresso Shot”
4. Load 1 Packet of “House Blend” and brew
5. Press “Other” on the Flavia main menu.
6. Press “Expresso Shot”
7. Load 1 Packet of “House Blend” and brew

Optional:(If your into this sort of stuff!)
8. Cream
9. Sugar/Substitute

Basically in using the “Expresso Shot” setting, it steams the packet first, before pushing hot water through the packet. Given the interface to each Flavia packet is identical, you can mix and match packets as needed. “Expresso Shot” setting also uses half the water of a regular cup of coffee so you can fit 2 packets into a single cup for a much stronger results.

Enjoy Hacking Flavia!



Moving to San Diego…

My personal life has taken center stage lately and last week I departed Ankara, Turkey heading towards San Diego, CA. I will be in Dallas, TX this month before I head to California to join Cynergy System’s San Diego office.

Over the next few months I will be blogging allot about Flex 2 throughout the upcoming release cycle. Having worked with AS3/AVM2 for the past 14 months, I cannot wait to see this amazing product ship. AS3/AVM2 and Flex2 is a revolution that will redefine rich media from the ground up. I have so much to show but my time has been so limited of late dealing with my personal life.

Hopefully within a month its blue skys and ocean for me. San Diego or Bust!