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Flash 8 – Deprecated gets Teeth!

In prior versions of Flash “Deprecated” has encouraged developers to stop using certain methods and properties as future players may not support them. That said, many continue to be supported due to legacy of SWF content. Flash 8 player contains the first case where deprecated means not supported!&

In Flash 8, the “add” operator is no longer supported. This operator was deprecated in Flash 5, but existed until the release of Flash 8. As it is no longer supported in the Player, this may affect a very very small number of SWF files. I am not sure whether this is still available for legacy content with FP 7- headers but if you publish for Flash 8, “add” will not concatenate strings.

Not that this is a big loss, but I recall the Flash 4 days when I used “add” extensively. When “+” came along for string support I never looked back.

The lesson here is that deprecated has real meaning now and future players may well choose remove deprecated functionality for performance purposes. When you are writing content, watch the use of deprecated features. Plus not using these should be common sense by now.


Merheba from Ankara, Turkey!

After a short stop in Munich, we arrived on Friday in Ankara, Turkey (GMT +2). We will be living and working here for the next 3 years thanks to my wife’s work. I will post some photos of our travels as we explore Turkey and the surrounding region.&

This place is amazing and the Turkish people are so kind and generous. Turkish hospitality is truly impressive and we have had nothing but a great experience thus far. From our

We did some shopping on Saturday while still recovering from jet-lag. I got a GSM TurkCell account for my Nokia 6680 with Internet and messaging. We also stopped by a computer store and bought a ADSL modem. Turk Telekom had me connected this morning and with a 2024/515 Kbps connection I have nothing to complain about.

The food is amazing. A great lunch costs $3-4US (Kebab/Rice/Salad/Drink) and the grocery produce is so fresh compared to the states. We bought some peaches at a stand 1 block from our house and they are the best peaches I have ever had at 6 for $.50.

I am looking forward to exploring Turkey. It is a magical place and worth a visit.

More to come,


Flash 8 – Lesser Known New Features

Mike Downey has posted his lesser known new feature list for Flash 8. The detail that went into these particular features is worth noting. On new releases, it typically takes me months to find these plus there is so much new stuff that these will surely get lost in the shuffle. Resize a Textfield from the left, Amazing!

Downey’s Lesser Known Features for 8ball

Kudos to the Authoring Team for a job well done!



Zorn == Standalone Flex Compiler

Mike Chambers just announced that Zorn will contain a standalone Flex compiler with the ability to develop and deploy Flex SWF output without a Flex server. This was a top feature for me and makes Zorn compeditive with other app-dev solutions. It also looks like the server will get some more enterprise features.

Macromedia, thanks for listening!

Mike’s Post