Monthly Archives: August 2004

OT: Kerry at Wedding Reception

My father got married in Ketchum, Idaho this weekend and the reception was at a small restaurant called Evergreen. We were upstairs when John Kerry arrived for dinner at Evergreen after campaigning in Oregon. After he finished dinner the reception crowd gathered on the balcony above his arriving car. My cousin Amy, they asked him to join us. Kerry raced back into the restaurant to congratulate the bride and the groom. He spent five minutes with us asking questions and offering words of congratulations.

I have to say I was a bit taken aback in meeting him first-hand. He is a genuinely nice man and had some kind words of congratulations for my father and step-mother. To think that he raced back into the restaurant, ditching the security detail and the press core, just to congratulate total strangers is quite something considering his current schedule. During the brief time with us he was very down to earth and very personal. Not once did he mention politics and was simply as kind as he could be. He departed the restaurant and hopped into the armored suburban as Teresa gave Carla (bride) some words of congratulations from below.