Monthly Archives: July 2004

New Icon Builder at FFNYC

A killer update to Icon Builder is ready to ship in parallel with Central 1.5. Icon Builder 1.4 was presented at the Macromedia Keynote at Flash Forward NYC.&


The update allows you to import and export images (JPG, GIF, PNG, ICO, TIF, BMP) into Icon Builder and share collections of icons online using the *.IBC (Icon Builder Collection) file format. The update uses the new FileIO features of Central 1.5 which were presented publicly at Flash Forward by Mike Chambers.


Simply put, FileIO in Central 1.5 is a groundbreaking change for Central and Flash. The update makes Central a first class application platform for serious development.





PowerSDK SYNC Update

I have been silently making lots of progress on PowerSDK SYNC. SYNC is a highly scalable server for XMLSocket applications combined with a remoting client library. &


Here are some basics on SYNC:


Multi-port – Serve a common application on many server ports simultaneously. This allows you to serve a common application on port 80, 21, 1500 and 10,549 where any client can connect and talk to all clients attached at all ports.


Highly Scalable – SYNC contains a unique thread model called tasklets. Tasklets are miniature threads in 8K of memory allowing over 10000 to run simultaneously in a cross platform manner. In testing, a single SYNC server supported over 10,000 concurrent connections while each client transmitted 10 messages per minute. This test ran for 5 straight days and the server used under 100Mb of RAM on an optimized FreeBSD operating system.


Socket Remoting – Client coding in Flash is very easy as the client library supports an API similar to Flash Remoting. To send a message you simple call a method on a local object and a response is returned to a listener. A room based chat application similar to Central Dev Chat can be written in under 30 lines of code using v1 or v2 components.


chat = new PSDK.SYNC.CHAT()

chat.connect(url, port)


NO XML – The SYNC client and server do not use XML. Although XML is neat and exciting to use, it dramatically slows down client and server execution speed. SYNC uses simple ASCII protocol allowing message processing to occur over 20x faster than the XML equivalent on both the client and server. As there is no XML parsing, the client performance issues all but disappear on new and old players alike. Although the protocol does not parse XML, you can pass XML strings as an arguments in the API calls.


I have a 3 commercial Central applications that will ship in September that use the SYNC services and support IM/ Presence combined with real-time file exchange.


Much more to come…





So long Jamaica

27 months in JA and we leave for the US tomorrow. Jamaica is a magical place and remains one of the truly wild places left in the world. Having traveled the island for over 2 years, there is simply no place like it.&


I went diving over 178 times island wide. Suprizingly Jamaica has some of the best diving anywhere in the Caribbean, except the dives are not convenient and hardly an established industry here. In the far corners of the island, you will find reefs and life that you can only imagine. Seeing this treasure has left a permanent mark on me. Do not go resort diving!

If you have a chance to explore Jamaica, do not hesitate, your experience will be warmly rewarded.