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MAX Europe Prep in Milano

I am backstage in the keynote area in Milan working on MAX Europe. The event is looking really great. Registration is at 1400 and sessions and keynotes are looking great.

I am going to be sneaking out of keynote rehersal to speak at the Flex Camp going on today. I am going to be talking about a social game I have been working on.

See you in Milan!

Ted :)

Adobe Groups Launched!

At MAX last week we launched Adobe Groups, a new social network atop the foundation of the Adobe User Group communities. The idea is to simplify the process of creating a user group, find a user group, and finding like minded people within the community. At launch last week we had 413 User Groups on Adobe Groups. In the last week we have seen over 3000 people join groups and begin exploring the user groups within their area of the globe.

Start a User Group

There are many cities around the globe where we do not have enough Adobe User Groups. If you are interested in starting an official Adobe User Group, I would encourage you to fill out this form. Once complete, the community manager team will contact you with a User Groups starter kit and set-up your group on Adobe Groups.

Having attended Macromedia/Adobe User Group meetings since college, they have had a profound influence on my career. I have learning new skills, presented for the first time publicly on Flash 3, and made lots of friends. I would encourage you to take the time and find a user group in your area and get involved.

Groups also provides a great way to share your contact information with others. The site provides you with a “Network” which allows you to share contact information selectively based on user level.

Groups is under very active development and we are seeing huge growth of the network. As the dust settles I am very hopeful that we will see a new growth of the Adobe User Group community well beyond it’s current levels. At MAX we recieved 80 applications for new Adobe User Groups which is 20% growth in 3 days.

Take some time to enjoy Adobe Groups at!


Ted :)

MAX 2008 NA Session Recording

Last week at MAX in San Francisco, the MAX team coordinated the digital recording of over 290 hours of the session content, about 4TB of video. We will be releasing this content FOR FREE, WITHOUT GEO-RESTRICTION ON ADOBETV starting the first week of December. We plan to release 20 sessions per week well into 2009. Additionally we will be posting all videos immediately to the MAX NA Group on Adobe Groups for the exclusive benefit of paid attendees. All attendees will be invited to the MAX NA Group Monday morning.

The teams are working round the clock to get the video content posted online. The goal is to benefit the ecosystem with the latest educational material as soon as possible. As only 5000 attendees could enjoy MAX NA onsite, we plan to reach 2 Million by providing the session content for free online. To reach as many designers/developers as possible we chose Flash for an end to end video solution. Onsite at MAX NA we captured using Flash Media Live Encoder and Flash Media Server and published content to our video partners Digitally Speaking, Brightcove, and Akamai.

Thanks for being patient as we get all this content posted.


Ted :)

MAXOWG – How was MAX NA?

This is your chance to help influence the future of MAX NA in the MAX Open Working Group on Adobe Groups. The MAX team needs some blunt, open, and honest feedback to make MAX overall a better event.

Great feedback, both bad and good, can make a world of difference. We are open to hearing about the things we did both good and bad. This is your opportunity to be heard and be on record making MAX a better event.

MAXOWG, MAX Open Working Group, is an open group created to create and change MAX within the Adobe community. This working group will create the 2009 MAX events, discuss changes, define content/direction, and gather feedback in the open.

I look forward to working with everyone openly on MAX in 2009!


Ted :)

Adobe MAX NA 2008 – The calm before the storm!

I have been working on MAX for over 7 months now and to see it all come together in the last few days has really been an amazing experience. We have made some substantial changes this year to the event to make this the best MAX yet.

Here are some of the things we did differently this year:

Camps & Camp Managers – In terms of choosing sessions and speakers, MAX has long had a private process that is not open and far from ideal. This year we selected 35 people to represent the interest groups of the skills, products, and technologies that make up MAX. These “camps”, as we called them, are focused on selecting the best sessions for the “camp” interest. “Camp managers” were required to select sessions from the proposed session list and internal speakers had to apply through the same process as others. These changes are the foundation of MAX moving to a fully open process for session and speaker selection at MAX 2009. The result this year is the best set of sessions and speakers we have ever assembled. It is my hope that session quality exceeds your expectations.

Unconferences – We added 4 unconferences to MAX from leading 3rd party conference events, where the attendees can present barcamp style. During all 3 days of sessions there is an entire hall devoted to the community speaking about Flex, AIR, Design, Agency consulting, and ColdFusion. It is really great to see the larger ecosystem surrounding Adobe have 4 places to present at MAX. It is quite a change from the MAXUP I organized in the hall at MAX 2006 in Las Vegas and it should be a great addition.

Session Recording – We need to reach more designers and developers with MAX. This year we are recording all 290 sessions and we will be posting these online for broad syndication on AdobeTV weeks after the event. The recordings capture the presenter screen and house audio and they make for ideal training material. We will be posting these for free without geo-restriction on AdobeTV.

No duplicate sessions – Given we are recording the event and session rooms hold, on average, 300 people, we are only repeating a few sessions. This provides attendees with more content to choose from and a better onsite experience. If you miss a session, attendees can view it in the Adobe MAX Online Group at our new Groups site on and AdobeTV.

Adobe Groups – We are launching a new social network centered on the Adobe User Group community. There are 400+ user groups on and we have a group dedicated to MAX NA, MAX EU, and MAX JP. I will be covering this more in the MAX Day 2 keynote.

Keynotes – We have 2 amazing days of keynote in store. The speakers and demos are the best I have every seen in a MAX keynote. Let’s just say that the Flash Platform is alive and doing very very well.

See you at MAX!

Ted :)

Ajax Exerience 2008 – Faster than Light JavaScript with Brendan Eich

What will JIT (just-in-time) compilation mean for JavaScript performance? See live demos and hear release plans for a Firefox-ready upgraded JavaScript engine, codenamed “TraceMonkey,” based on the SpiderMonkey interpreter and the Tamarin-Tracing VM. Learn about the new JavaScript features being implemented in Mozilla’s engines to inform the “ECMAScript Harmony” standards process. See advanced canvasbased rendering demos that take advantage of the new speed and features.