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Ajax Experience 2008 – Intro to Ajax with Ben Galbraith & Dion Almaer

This tutorial provides a proper introduction to Ajax and Ajax fundamentals – perfect for those who are new to Ajax or would like to brush up on their skills. cofounders,Ben and Dion, demonstrate basic Ajax techniques through live coding, and demonstrate and deconstruct more advanced examples of Ajax, including a discussion of how Ajax can improve any type of Web application. Ben and Dion also discuss how to avoid turning an Ajax application into an unmaintainable pile of hacked-up JavaScript, with a focus on debugging techniques.


ted :)

FlashCamp SF 2008 – Race to the Bottom with Garnet Chaney

Inspired by this weeks stock market drops, and the “taking 3-d objects and putting them in 3-d space”, this game challenges you to get to click to the bottom with as few clicks as possible, and as fast as possible. Click wrong, and you go back to the start! Later game levels introduce a bigger stack, and various motions of the objects to confuse you. Can you click your way to the bottom!


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AS3 Cloud APIs – Nonoba Payment API

This morning Nonoba Payment showed up in the listing of API’s to approve. The API is a payment service that you can integrate directly into your Flash/Flex based game. The Nonoba Payment API provides a user account service that provides payment properties and a user data storage including achievements and a scoring methods. The service pays the game developer 70% of the money transacted for the game and gives the developer direct access to services for integration.

It is really nice to see an API like this exists to make game/app payment easier for developers.

If you know of other great AS3 Cloud/Service APIs, please submit them here!


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FlashCamp SF 2008 – Everything except the kitchen sink.. dancing yeti

A dancing yeti with inverse kinematic animation, and hopefully dynamic inverse kinematics controlled via webcam. Also, dynamic sound generation with creepy circus “music” and some pixel blender stuff. The Kitchen Sink team consisted of: Dennis Ramsey, Don-Duong Quach, James Young, Kenneth Arehart, Margarita Tijerino & Pedro Chavez. The team was formed on the day of FlashCamp!


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FlashCamp SF 2008 – Boning the Fish with the SRJC team

Created by students from the Santa Rosa Junior College – Brand new to Flash, with only seven weeks of training. They created the project with IK, simple use of a collection of images then decided to created the arm to catch a fish. We are all in awe that we were able to create such a file. Team members include: Debra Gardner, Christina Nelson, Kevin Walli and Pat. Thanks to John and Josh for their tech support!


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MAX NA Registration breaks 4035 – 18 days to MAX NA

This morning at 3AM Adobe MAX North America got the 4,000th registration. We have seen a surge in registrations over the past week and are seeing about 90 registrations per day. MAX NA is really shaping up to be a great event and we are on track to break 5000 registrations in San Francisco. At MAX last year we hit 4300 onsite in Chicago but we are well on track hit that number with 18 days til MAX NA.

Registered for MAX NA, it is going to be the biggest MAX event in Adobe/Macromedia history. There are lots of surprises in store and the content for the event is really great.

See you at MAX!

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ActionScript 3 Cloud/Service APIs – Update

This morning I approved 40 ActionScript 3 Cloud/Service API’s onto the listing. If you would like to see your service/api highlighted in the Adobe MAX Keynote please complete this form.

Here is the current listing: Document Services

Adobe API

Adobe “CoCoMo” (soon)


Amazon’s S3 Service

Brightcove Player API




Facebook ActionScript API




Get Satisfaction Library

Google Feeds API

Google Language API

Google Maps API for Flash

Google Search API


Intuit Quickbase

Kayak Travel


Mapquest AS3 API

MySpace OpenSocial ActionScript Library

Nonoba Multiplayer API



Ribbit Phone API



SWX Twitter API

The Toolkit for Adobe AIR and Flex



Yahoo ASTRA Web APIs

Yahoo! Maps AS3 Component

Yahoo! Social AS3 API



Awesome list but we still need more! If you know of a AS3 Cloud/Service API that is not on this list please add it here.

Ok, now go mash these up, you have no more excuses!


Ted :)