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The 360Flex "Sessions" Video Project

I haven’t been sleeping so well and the stress is due to the popularity of the video we have been posting online. My team, developer communities, decided to record all 60 sessions at 360Flex and we have posted 16 of the sessions online. The videos are pretty popular and this graph should give you a glimpse a how much:

Since launching the sessions project we have served over 2 TB of video and the last 3 days have been a very strong spike in traffic.

Got to run the servers are melting…

Ted :)

Hello FlexBot!

The evangelist team in India has been working on a new search robot called FlexBot. Flexbot is a software robot that does searches automatically against Adobe’s ION search engine index containing all documents, articles, forum posts, and blog posts. We will be opening access to FlexBot in a few days time on the Adobe Flex/AIR Forums as a trial.

Here is how FlexBot works:

1. Post a question to a forum.
2. FlexBot reads your post
3. FlexBot obtains the keywords
4. FlexBot returns a set of optimized search results.

RESULTS: FlexBot Practicing on the Forum

Only new forum posts will get a response from FlexBot.

This is very powerful as by majority forum posts are most often questions that have been answered before. Better still some questions never get answered and these automated results will help all developers find what they need quickly. Flexbot allows us to send high quality self-service results to anywhere you ask questions. Initially we are putting it to work on the forums but soon it you will be able to email or instant message FlexBot and you will see FlexBot show up on forums outside of Adobe’s servers, FlexCoders or FlexComponents.

We are rolling FlexBot out slowly and are tuning the quality of the search results as we go.

Keep an eye out for FlexBot responses on the forums!


Ted :)

Dear Google Finance,

In your charting on finance it seems you recently started using Flex Builder ActionScript project to compile the SWF files, yeah! On the site there is a subtle blue flash which is due to the background hex setting on the SWF file. To change the background SWF color to White do the following:

In Flex Builder under Project Settings > Compiler Tab add the following under additional compiler arguments:

-default-background-color #FFFFFF

Like so:

Tada, no blue!


Ted :)

Want to be in the MAX keynote? "30onMAX"

Would you like to be in the MAX Keynote? We are putting together a video project of your videos called “30onMAX” and we will be highlighting selected videos in the Adobe MAX keynote in North America, Europe, and Japan. Here is how it works:

1. Make video on: WHY MAX?

2. Upload to

3. Tag it with “30onMAX”! (This is how we find it)

The 30onmax team will aggregate the videos for use in the MAX Keynote and throughout the conference. To assist us with “30onmax” we have recruited world famous director/actor Phillip Kerman to assist with the project.

Here is one of Phillip’s earlier creations on Adobe MAX:

Now go grab your camera, costumes, and make a video!


Ted :)

A coworker passed me a link to and I am suddenly hooked on building all sorts of contraptions to win each level. Last night I was up pretty late playing this game. I decided to nominate for a MAX 2008 Award. If you know of a game/site/application that is worthy, nominate it here.

To win each level you build contraptions to deliver the red ball into the red box. It sounds easy but the levels get harder as you go. Below is a screencast where I build a small cart to cross this “Gap” to win the level.

WARNING: You can waste your entire day on this site. I know several people who have played this game non-stop for 3-4 days straight trying to solve the basic levels. It is that fun.

See you at MAX!

Ted :)

MAX 2008: Adobe Roadmap Sessions

At MAX 2008 we giving roadmap sessions for our key technology markets. These sessions are being given by the teams leading development in these markets and missing them would be a huge mistake. With Adobe Labs we began opening our roadmap and releasing software early to customers. At MAX we are going to talk openly about the next 5 years in each of these market segments and tell you where Adobe is headed. It will help your teams plan ahead and get in sync with our feature roadmaps and overall platform before it is delivered. It is our hope that these sessions will highlight the platform we are building and allow you to invest earlier along the way.

Adobe Roadmap: Enterprise
Adobe Roadmap: Video
Adobe Roadmap: Web Applications
Adobe Roadmap: Web Experiences
Adobe Roadmap: Mobile*
Adobe Roadmap: Cross-Media Publishing*

*To be posted soon.

I would strongly encourage you to attend one of these roadmap sessions. You will see where Adobe is headed and what we are working on. Make sure to register early for these sessions they are sure to be packed at all MAX events globally.

See you at MAX!

Ted :)