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Hello AIR/Flex Builder on Linux

This morning we launched the Alpha release of AIR for Linux and an updated Flex Builder for development on Linux. It is great to see Adobe providing both runtime and development support on Linux for Web applications using Flash Player and Desktop applications using AIR.

I am in Madrid at the onAIR tour today. I am going to be filming developers for the next episode of website.

CNET Article
Universal Desktop

Go Tux!

Ted :)

ADOBE MAX 2008 – Call for Speakers and Sessions

I am pleased to announce the official Adobe MAX 2008 Call for Speakers and Sessions. We are looking for the best sessions and speakers for MAX 2008 in North America, Europe, and Japan. I would like to encourage you to post a session that you would like to present or attend at Adobe MAX 2008.

We will be reviewing all sessions posted and make sure the best of these are at Adobe MAX 2008. I am looking forward to reviewing your sessions.

Thanks for helping making Adobe MAX 2008 the best yet!


Ted :)

SlideRocket on Flex 3 – 250 Trial Accounts

I am a huge fan of SlideRocket and Mitch Grasso and his team have done an amazing job. As an presentation editor it is comparable with PowerPoint and Keynote but is in the web. SlideRocket is also a great use of Papervision3d as many of the transitions are using the 3D ActionScript API that it provides. Better still when I saw video and animation on sides it really brought home the fact that this is Flash Player at its best.

Trial Account Sign-up

Mitch was kind enough to give me 250 trial accounts for readers of my blog. I am sure you will like the application, it is an amazing use of Flex 3.

Mitch amazing work!


Ted :)

Photoshop Express on Flex 3

Several teams at Adobe have been heads down building some key services using Adobe Flex 3. One team is Photoshop Express and today they released publicly. The application is awesome and leverages the Flex framework to the fullest to create great online photo editing.

Congratulations to the Photoshop Express team, they have pushed Adobe Flex 3 very far and made something great.

Honestly, show me another technology that can even come close to this and I will eat my hat!


Ted :)

Conference Love: WEBDU 2008 Sydney AU June 12-13

Registration for WEDBU is nearing the end of the early bird pricing on April 11th. If you have not been to “THE WEBDU” you should, it is easily one of the best conferences I have ever attended. Aside from dinner and debate with Scott Barnes, there are tons of great sessions, the attendees really make this event special, and Geoff and Julie really do put on an amazing event.

See you at WEBDU!

Ted :)

Conference Love: Scotch On AIR – April 11th 2008 – Dublin Ireland!!!

Ryan Stewart, Kev McCabe, and myself are putting together Scotch on AIR in Dublin, Ireland on April 11th. The event is shaping up nicely in the wake of the onAIR tour being postponed in Dublin. I will be covering Flex, Ryan will be covering AIR, and Kev is planning to talk on CF.

If you are in proximity to Dublin, Ireland please come join us for a 1/2 day of sessions on Adobe Flex, AIR, and ColdFusion.

The Westmoreland Bar(Google Map)
27 Westmoreland Street
Dublin 2

12:00 – Lunch in the Bar *
13:00 – Ted Patrick (FLEX)
14:00 – 10 Minute Break
14:10 – Kev McCabe (COLDFUSION)
15:10 – 10 Minute Break
15:20 – Ryan Stewart (AIR)
16:20 – 10 Minute Break
16:30 – RIA Open Debate (One & All)
17:30 – Raffle, Close & Thank You
* Not Provided


See you at Scotch on AIR!


Ted :)

3D Interactive Video on a sphere!

The team over at Immersive Media is using Adobe Flash Player and ActionScript 3 to deliver interactive video in 3D. This is the first time I have seen interactive video displayed in this format. You can turn the camera in all directions. It is like real life video in the fact that you can actually be looking in the wrong directions as the video content is all around you.

1. Press play below.
2. Pan the video around.

Great use of Flash Player and ActionScript.

Ted :)