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Adobe MAX 2007 – Headed to Chicago

This morning I am flying from San Francisco to Chicago to join the MAX team onsite during preparations. I am looking forward to seeing how 4 months of planning and hard work turned out and help put the finishing touches on MAX. The MAX team has done such an amazing job and it has been an honor being on the team. Although I have suddenly transformed into the public face of MAX (that is really scary), there are so many people working around the clock to put this event on. When you look at the hotel logistics, the shipping and set-up, the printing, the tech setup, the sessions scheduling and speaker prep, the scale of MAX begins to hit you. It takes a great number of people to make events like this happen and the MAX team has delivered. When you are at MAX, please take the time to say thanks to the team behind the scenes, they worked really hard to make everything you see and experience happen.


The stage is set, the conference is being built out as I type this, and it is sure to be one of the best MAX events ever, if not the best one yet.

See you in AIRPark, see you at MAX 2007!

Ted :)

Flex 3 Beta 2 – Code, Debug, Profiler Enhancements

The first changes target the code navigation and are extensions/refinement around language intelligence (refactoring, search, code model). To enable this feature simple hold down CTRL and click on any property to navigate into its definition. We supported this before but now you can navigate seemlessly into the Flex SDK codebase for any class, property, style, or event.

Better yet if you download the daily/milestone builds of Flex 3, you can refactor the entire Flex Framework locally, not for the faint of heart, but possible now.

With AIR entering the final stages of development, we have seen the end of the “AIR Project”, everything is just a “Flex Project” or “AS Project” now with deployment options noted below. This change will throw you for a loop at first but it makes perfect sense.

We also added a handy feature for building proxy classes for the AJAXBridge libraries.

We also couldn’t help but make some really nice subtle improvements to the Flex Debugger.

And last but far from least we added some things into the profiler. The profiler is such a key addition to Flex and these refinements really make it essential. There is nothing worse than a profiler that points you in the wrong direction and the team has made some essential changes in how memory and performance are measured to make what is happening in your application clear.

As you will find, these refinements really assist in code development, debugging and profiling of your applications. And if you don’t think the team went far enough, the code model and language intelligence features are there for you to extend and build upon. Eclipse is designed from the ground up to support plug-in extensibility and we have exposed these APIS for you to extend. With Flex 3 we are at the cusp of seeing many new extensions to Flex Builder atop this simple and powerful foundation.

Flex 3 Beta 2 Schedule:
Saturday/Sunday – Keynote Prep Chicago!
Monday – “FLEX 3 PRICE Enhancements”
Tuesday – “FLEX 3 FAMILY Enhancements”


Ted :)

MAX 2007 – Calling all Speakers

This morning I called 390 MAX speakers and I have been getting lots of email all morning. Yesterday afternoon I was in San Jose and read an invitation to the MAX speaker dinner that I had written. So I am in the keynote reviews this morning and my phone rang, it was me telling me about the MAX Speaker dinner. It was very strange hearing my invitation.

See you at MAX!


Ted :)

Flex 3 Beta 2 – Design Tools + Learning Flex + JSEclipse + Constraints

The first changes target the workflow and UI for skinning and styling in Flex Builder and provide UI for the new constraint types in the Flex Framework. The design view has come a long way from the last version and we can now set constraints on anything easily.

We wanted to make it easier to allow new developers to learn Flex. We took a deep look at how the documentation and getting started examples were written and we made some changes. The result is a shift that makes Flex more discoverable and easier to explore. I certainly do not know all the classes in the Flex Framework and use the documentation and examples when there are features I do not understand. As I have found, this change makes finding things easier. Also you will find a new search toolset

We also integrated JSEclipse into Flex Builder as an installation option. Special thanks to the Romania Team for this great addition to Flex Builder and Eclipse.

As you will find these refinements really assist in development. Flex is easier to learn and easier to control from a design perspective.

Flex 3 Beta 2 Schedule:
Friday – “CODE, DEBUG, PROFILE Enhancements”
Saturday/Sunday – Keynote Prep Chicago!
Monday – “FLEX 3 PRICE Enhancements”
Tuesday – “FLEX 3 FAMILY Enhancements”


Ted :)

Flex 3 Beta 2 – CRUD Wizard for ASP.NET, PHP, JAVA and WSDL Introspection

Flex Builder 3 Beta 2 has a new feature for generating server side code for data exchange with ASP.NET, PHP, and JAVA. Simply select a database, select the tables you want to edit, and presto, full CRUD, Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete. Here are some images:

To top that, we added WDSL Introspection to allow you to work with Web Services using Strong typing. Simply enter a WSDL URL, select the methods and types you want to generate for and sha-zam, a set of classes is generated for your application. Here are some images:

So there you have it, backend CRUD generation for ASP.NET, PHP, JAVA and support for strongly typed Web Services.

Flex 3 and Flex Builder 3, the best Flex yet!


Ted :)

Adobe MAX 2007 North America === SOLD OUT

The MAX team has closed registration for Adobe MAX 2007 and we will not be taking more registrations even “walk-ins”.

Adobe MAX 2007 Chicago IS “SOLD OUT”!!!

The MAX team really wanted to keep registration open but the registration surge in the last week is straining our ability to deliver the event. The keynote fire capacity is 3700 and attendance is 4300 people. At this point Adobe staff will be watching the keynotes and sneaks from an alternative location to give first priority to attendees. Additionally we ordered an additional 1000 conference bags created and flown to Chicago. We have had to adjust food service and food service locations to accommodate the larger audience.

Sincere apologies to those who were planning “walk-in” registration, we are currently unable to support your attendance.

Given the sold out nature of the event, we are making arrangements to film many of the conference sessions and broadcast them using some new Adobe technology. Please follow the MAX 2007 North America blog where we will be providing coverage and posting videos. Additionally keep an eye on for news on the keynote and the conference.

On behalf of Adobe, I would like to thank everyone that has registered and supported the MAX event. As this is my first year working on MAX, a sellout was not expected and is really exciting to see for Adobe and the larger RIA, Rich Internet Application movement. We are working around the clock to deliver a great conference experience and look forward to hosting you in Chicago in 4 days time.

Go MAX, Go Adobe!
See you in Chicago, MAX is now officially a “SOLD OUT” show!

If you want to go to MAX Europe or MAX Japan, I would register now.

Ted :)

Halo 3 at Adobe MAX

Are you ready for the bubble shield, grav lift, power drainer, trip mine, or the return of the assault rifle? For all you Halo fans, we will have more than enough Halo 3 at Adobe MAX.

I have been practicing recently and ran through the Halo 2 campaign in prep for gaming all next week. We will have 2 dedicated gaming stations in the 4 after-hour lounges and the evangelism team members are staying in these suites over night. There are also 6 gaming stations in the MAX Party on Tuesday night among all the other activities at the MAX party.


Ted :)

Flex 3 Beta 2 Details this Week, Wed-Mon

I am going to be blogging about Flex 3 Beta 2 details this Wednesday to next Monday. Each day, starting on Wednesday Sept 27, I will be covering the details within Flex 3 Beta 2 in detail. Many of these features have not been discussed publicly and the team has been heads down coding like mad. I am really looking forward to the Flex 3 Beta 2 release, it is easily the best build of Flex Builder to date and we have some surprises in store. On Monday Oct 1, this series will end with 2 key announcements regarding Flex Builder 3 pricing changes and the expansion of the Flex Family.

Surely you didn’t think I would have blogged ALL the features in June!

Trust me, you will not be disappointed, the Flex/AIR/Flash Player teams have been very very busy! It should be a wild week as the teams prepare for the beta 2 of the best release of Flex yet, Flex 3!

Flex 3 Beta 2 is right around the corner at MAX!

Ted :)

Adobe MAX Flex Top 11 – A biased list of Flex stuff at MAX

There are lots of things to see and do at Adobe MAX in Chicago. Here is my Flex biased top 11 list. Also I highly encourage other biased product focused people to post their top 10/11 lists on ColdFusion, Flash, AIR, LiveCycle, Flash-Lite, Photoshop, etc. Here is my take:


1. Welcome Reception and O’Reilly Ignite

Come see 16 sessions from the community. There are about 7 sessions that focus on Flex. Plus there is free beer here and lots of like-minded Flex folks will be in attendance.

* Sunday, Sept 30 5-7PM

2. Keynotes, Sneak Peeks, MAX Party – Miss at your peril!

* Monday, October 9:30AM – 11AM
* Tuesday, October 10:30AM – 12PM
* Tuesday, October 5:30PM – 7PM
* Tuesday, October 7PM – 11PM

3. Beyond the Basics of Flex Builder – David Zuckerman
Explore some of the more advanced features of Flex Builder 3. Learn tips and tricks for enhancing your productivity with features like refactoring and the outline view, as well as powerful keyboard shortcuts you never knew existed.

* Monday, October 12:00PM – 3:00PM
* Tuesday, October 2:45PM – 3:45PM

4. Boot Camp for Flex – Flex Team
Write code together with the Flex development team in this three-hour collaborative session. Boot Camp provides a mixture of short presentations, workshops, and free-form coding. Make sure to bring your laptop, your best questions, your most desired features, your coolest projects to share, and be ready to learn something new.

* Wednesday, October 9:00 am – 12:30 pm

5. Flex Roadmap – Ely Greenfield
Hear from one of the Flex architects on ideas for the future direction of the Flex SDK and Flex Builder. We’ll discuss new ideas that are still bubbling in the imaginations of the Flex team, as well as demonstrate ideas that are a little more tangible. No Non-Disclosure Agreement required!

* Tuesday, October 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm
* Wednesday, October 4:15 pm – 5:15 pm

6. Flex Best Practices – Joe Berkovitz, Steven Webster, Anatole Tartakovsky
Join leading Flex developers in a discussion about best practices for building Flex applications. We’ll discuss small issues, such as coding conventions, to large ones, such as frameworks. Expect a spirited discussion!

* Tuesday, October 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm

7. Building Stunning Flex Applications with Flex Builder and Creative Suite 3 – Peter Flynn

Join Flex Builder engineers as they demonstrate the new workflow features for getting various artwork into your Flex applications from Illustrator, Flash, Photoshop, and Fireworks. Learn how to easily use artwork created in your favorite applications as custom skins for components. We’ll also show how to create unique looks using nothing but the software’s built-in CSS styling mechanism with the help of the new graphical CSS Design View in Flex Builder. Finally, we’ll discuss related features that may be available in future releases.

* Monday, October 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm
* Wednesday, October 1:45 pm – 2:45 pm

8. Case Study: ESRI Geospatial Application Using Adobe Flex – Mansour Raad
ESRI, the world leader in geographic information system (GIS) technology, will discuss its Flex-based solution for processing and managing information.

* Monday, October 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm
* Tuesday, October 9:15 am – 10:15 am

9. Hands On: Building a Rich Internet Application with Flex 3 and .NET – Mark Piller

Learn how to build a rich Internet application with Flex 3 and .NET. No prior Flex experience is required, but .NET experience is recommended. Finally, learn how to deploy your Flex application to Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR).

* Tuesday, October 8:30 am – 10:00 am
* Tuesday, October 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm
* Wednesday, October 1:45 pm – 3:15 pm
* Wednesday, October 3:45 pm – 5:15 pm

10. Inspire Session: Building Buzzword, a New Breed of Word Processor – David Coletta, Rick Treitman, Robby Shaver

Virtual Ubiquity CEO Rick Treitman, designer Robby Shaver, and developer David Coletta will share the story behind Buzzword, an innovative new word processor deployed with Adobe AIR. See how Buzzword is shifting the paradigm in word processing to an efficient, elegant, web-based application built for ease of use and easy collaboration.

* Monday, October 3:15 pm – 4:15 pm

11. Inspire Session: Building SlideRocket, a New Breed of Presentation Software – Mitch Grasso

This changes everything! Learn how one developer set out to transform the way people create, manage, and share presentations on the web using Adobe Flex and AIR technologies. See one of the coolest rich Internet applications around, and find inspiration for your own innovative projects.

* Monday, October 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm

MAX is going to be a great event this year, maybe too good. There is so much great content that making a top 10 list (or top 11 in this case) is very hard. Make sure to check out all the other Flex sessions at MAX.

See you at MAX 2007 in Chicago!


Ted :)